Who We Are

Our names are Colin Kelsey and Ashley Kelsey. We are a couple who live in a small town in Central New York named Waterville. While this is not our full-time occupation, we strive to turn Can You See It Now Photography into a successful full-time business in the future. Colin Kelsey Photography was created in 2015 and quickly grew into a well-known photography side business. Within the past year we decided to take Colin Kelsey's photographs and create many projects. With the positive feedback in creating these items we decided it was time to add a second photographer, Ashley Kelsey, and turn Colin Kelsey Photography into a business called Can You See It Now photography! We hope you enjoy viewing our photos and hope to hear from you whenever you need a unique piece in your home!

What We Do

Our most recent business avenue has brought us to creating one-of-a-kind pieces that buyers can, with confidence, say is unique to their style. Up to this point Colin Kelsey was the sole inspiration behind the photography and Ashley Kelsey was the sole inspiration behind what to do with the photography. Moving forward we hope to teach each other our own skills to grow our business. Every time Ashley would think of an awesome project with Colin's photography, Colin would say "I can't see it but if you think it will look good go for it". So Ashley would make the project and ask Colin "Can you see it now?", and that is where our name stems from. 

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Waterville, NY